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Adjustable Mask Clip-BC Custom Design

Adjustable Mask Clip

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Clip for use with medical face masks. Adjustable to reduce strain on the ears when wearing a mask for extended periods. Made from flexible plastic, similar to a strap on a baseball cap.

*NOTE: There are two options available...

If you are ordering these for your non-profit health-providing organization please feel free to order the free option and use code HEROES for free shipping or delivery. These orders will only be delivered to the offices of a legitimate healthcare facility (including veterinarian offices.)

If you are ordering these as a gift please choose the pay option with shipping costs. Like many my income has been severely impacted by the pandemic and this small amount of money will help pay some of the costs of making and delivering these to healthcare facilities. If you want to buy extras for whoever needs them just let me know in the comments how many you need and how many you are donating.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you, the healthcare workers and those who are supporting them. The more we work together the better it will be for all of us.  :)